Best Games of 2018

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Best Games of 2018

Post by hellboy » Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:01 am

We're looking at music, so may as well discuss gaming as well. Note that not all of these are strictly 2018 releases, but summarise what I've enjoyed most in the last 12 months:

Slay the Spire

When people think of card games, they tend to think of multiplayer ones like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone and the more recent Artifact. This game is purely single player, and follows a more roguelike/RPG path than the others. Many, many hours have been spent on this one.

Oxygen Not Included

This game is a 2D colony sim style game, somewhat in the vein of Dwarf Fortress (though no where near as complex). With a focus gas and liquid management, it makes for a strange experience as you manage the facilities of a growing space colony.


Survival sims are interesting - I tend to love the idea, but find many have some tiresome mechanics that get in the way of having fun. Others don't really provide enough direction, throwing you in the world where you dictate your own progression. Subnautica straddles the line nicely balancing a game that's relatively simple to play, and with a cool sci-fi plot to keep you moving forward.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

I enjoyed Black Flag, but mostly AssCreed doesn't do a heap for me. Origins sounded pretty cool, but I never got around to checking it out, and then Odyssey came out, I could resist no more. I've always enjoy a bit of Greek mythology (though that's not really what the game is about) and found this to be a pretty pleasant experience, murdering my way though a huge map, which I've hardly seen a third of so far.

No Mans Sky

I'm one of the few it seems who didn't buy into the hype, and actually enjoyed this game quite bit on launch. Which makes it all that much more exciting when the team announced some significant post-release work undertaken on this game, and half a dozen patches later this is a really cool exploration experience. Sure, the procedural generation renders worlds that are largely a variation on a theme, but there's so much to do in this game, it's hard to be too critical. It's reasonably relaxed nature make for a game I'm always keen to come back to.

Dead Cells

This is touted as a 2D Dark Souls like game, which is played in a procedurally generated environment. I've only briefly played the DS games (I find them to frustrating to be enjoyable) so I can't make a direct comparison, but this is a fun game. The controls are on point, the there's enough fun in this game to keep propelling you towards one more turn.

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Re: Best Games of 2018

Post by M0G » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:03 am

Game of the year goes to God of War. One of the best games ever made. Easily on any top 10 all time list. Quite simply it is a masterpiece. A perfect video game. Graphics, Mechanics, Controls, Art Direction, Sound, Voice Acting, Narrative, World Building and Design. All perfect. Rarified air type shit.

Read Dead Redemption 2 is a close second, and in just about any other year would have been game of the year. A Techinal marvel with an incredible story. The only minor knock on this game are the controls and combat mechanics, which at times feel clunky.

AC Odyssey slots in a number three. In my opinion it is the best AC game ever made. It combines the best parts of AC2, Blackflag and Origins into what I believe is the perfect Assasins Creed experience. Future installments in the series will have a difficult time improving what Odyssey delivered.

A number of other good games that came out in 2018 but nothing else came close to the three I listed above. The best of the rest listed below.

Far Cry 5
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Spider Man
Monster Hunter World
Detroit: Become Human

I have left out Indie and Nintendo titles that I am sure are deserving of recognition but since I am not interested in either I have no idea which games really stood out beyond ones that have I have seen mentioned on numerous gaming sites. Same applies to PC only titles.
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