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Post by petemasterpete » Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:04 pm

@ Crow – what's your favorite Bjork?  I've been getting into her earliest stuff lately.  I didn't really get her until long after that material came out.  Really like her now.


I prefer her first couple records for the most part
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Post by The Boss » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:30 pm

Ah, really tough question. I've found it depends on the mood I'm in.

You can't really go past "POST". That was great. "MEDULLA" is a trip, and likely to appeal to one's experimental side. "VESPERTINE" might be her most accessible. I don't know, it's hard to put your finger on one. When I go through a hardcore BJORK phase, I'll just throw them all on, one after the other. They kind of melt together, but makes for a cool experience for a week or two.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Post by ziggy23 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:30 am


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Busty McCracken

Post by Busty McCracken » Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:54 pm

New Tool & Karnivool would be great, but of those already slated for release I'd say Fat Freddy's Drop is the one I'm most keen to hear. New Clutch & Tomahawk should be Orse too. Puscifer should hopefully be ok too.

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