Bravalla, The Worst Festival Ever

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Bravalla, The Worst Festival Ever

Post by Ettan » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:36 am

I was originally not planing on going to this festival but I got offered a ticket for 30 bucks, original price tag was 400 bucks so I thought "why not?".

Thursday: New payment system, no cash or credit card at all. Just this chip that you transfer money to. Great idea, but of course it failed. Two days prior the festival their site crashed and was down for 48 hours, no one could transfer their money. Bravalla later said "you can transfer your money at the festival, no worries." Good! Well, not. This caused the longest line i've ever been in. 5 fucking hours. FIVE!! I missed the first four bands and halv of Triviums set which didn't bother me that much. I felt for others though, some people travelled from other countries just to see some of these bands and they missed them, just because of this stupid chip system.

So, the line was over and I transfered my money. Everything was good to go! Well guess fucking what, the chip system didn't work. It didn't work until friday.
So to sum it up: Their site crashed, this caused 5h waiting line, people missed bands and everything was just a mess. GREAT SYSTEM!!

Bravalla later said "We're sorry, everyone with a thursday ticket can come tomorrow for free." Great initiative, but what about the people from other countries? Fucking ridicules.

Iron Maiden was headlining ón thursday, meh band.
I was frontrow. Not. Good. Seriously worst idea i've ever had. The pressure was just TOO MUCH. Got crushed and I couldn't breathe, I faded and woke up in a nursing home. Is that what you call it? You know what I mean, "festival hospital".

So I don't really know if Maiden was any good.
The rest of the bands that day was just DJ's or indie pop so I was located in our camp for the rest of that day.

Friday: Friday was bad. Real bad. The chips worked though. There was lightning and six people got injured, two of them badly injured. It was a sad day.
No bands I wanted to see today either, no metal what so ever just hardcore junk, indie and DJ'S. Alesso was headlining that day, he's a DJ. Why the fuck does all DJ's have the exact same stage setup? Two big screens and that is all. Pathetic.

Saturday: Fucking finally, it's almost over. Kanye West was headlining. Cool show I guess but jesus, who does he think he is? The guy think he's some kind of god or something. Apparently he's the bggest rockstar in the world at the moment. Wut.

Overall, worst festival i've ever attended. Glad I didn't pay 400 bucks for this clusterfuck of a festival.

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Re: Bravalla, The Worst Festival Ever

Post by The Boss » Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:03 am

Sorry to hear.
O love will you read the letters I will send to you.

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