Danny Carey, King Buzzo on Brothers Collateral album

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Danny Carey, King Buzzo on Brothers Collateral album

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Guest vocals by King Buzzo and Jared Warren. Guest synth work by Danny Carey. Nearly one hour of psuedo-proggy, guitar based hard rock.

The Brothers Collateral album "One Hundred and Eight" was recorded from 11am-11pm on 10-10-10 and 10-11-10. We are fans of numerology, this is true.

This album was recorded and produced by the nimble fingers and sharp tongue of the brilliant and handsome Toshi Kasai. The dudes in Brothers Collateral were also able to keep King Buzzo of (the) Melvins off tour for long enough to record vocals for their song "J.R. Richard". The next time you see him give him $5 for a real life "King Buzzo Sentence"!

The guys were able to tranquilize the hulking powerhouse Jared Warren of (the) Melvins, Big Business and KARP and prop him up in a room in North Hollywood, California to lend his golden pipes to their interpretation of the awesome UFO song "Love To Love". The first Brothers Collateral drummer Ferdie Cudia (formerly of 400 Blows) made this comment after Jared turned our hearts to mush with his performance, "It sounds like Blackbeard's Ghost." Brothers Collateral's guitarist Erik Trammell (formerly of Black Elk) ran into his friend Danny Carey of TOOL whilst heading North on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, California one day in 2010. Danny was kind enough to contribute some synth ideas to the album instead of filling out insurance paperwork.

Stay tuned for a video featuring some very special guests with track by track explanations of the songs on the Brothers Collateral album"One Hundred and Eight".
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